Katalis Business Portal

Do you have a great Indonesia-Australia business development idea that needs connecting and support? Katalis can help.

We partner with businesses, business associations, academia and public sector organisations in both Indonesia and Australia. Our skills, expertise and networks support business to identify and develop opportunities across the commercial value chain.

Organisations can submit ideas that involve activities such as feasibility studies, networking, exchange and industry skills development – just to name a few areas. Tell us what you need to overcome barriers, forge business partnerships across value chains or align business, trade and investment ecosystems to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities under IA-CEPA.

Activity ideas will be assessed and prioritised against the Katalis investment criteria, giving due consideration to competing ideas, budget constraints and guidance from both the Government of Indonesia and the Government of Australia. All ideas are welcome but Katalis will only consult with proponents of ideas that show the most potential, noting the considerations above, and collaborate with these proponents to develop and refine the ideas into an agreed activity. Following this consultation and collaboration phase, any activity agreed with Katalis management would then need to be approved by Katalis’s board, the Economic Cooperation Committee (ECC), comprising representatives from the Government of Indonesia and the Government of Australia. Any activity agreed with Katalis management will either be included in Katalis’s annual work plans (finalised every December, for ECC approval and implementation in the following calendar year) or else submitted “out of session” to the ECC for approval. Submissions must address gender and social inclusion, and we are highly supportive of activities focused on economic recovery from COVID-19.

Complete the form below to tell us about your idea. You can also download a copy of the form and guidelines. If you have any questions about this form please email: business@iacepa-katalis.org.

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